Land Use & Zoning for Cannabis Operators

Team Canna Legal provides comprehensive analysis and legal counsel on land use and zoning issues for cannabis operators. In California, local jurisdictions may pass rules for the permitting of cannabis operations and for personal use. Under state law, if a local government enacts rules, then permits are required before obtaining a state license. Many localities have begun to enact local rules while other locations have elected to ban cannabis activities completely. Knowing the differences between locations for your operations, is a major advantage in a rapidly developing market.

Generally, local governments have based their cannabis permitting structure on land use and zoning. Thus, knowing the details about a property and the authorized land uses and zoning is a critical part of obtaining local permits and is also necessary for state licensing. Our team can help you navigate the complex and layered process of analyzing the suitability of land for an intended use in a specific location. We regularly help clients strategize on property acquisition, evaluate land use and zoning, and review any possible changes to a parcel to help make it a more suitable fit for an intended use. For an industry with increasing regulatory requirements, engaging experts to assist you through the permit process is necessary for obtaining results.