Willits Medical Cannabis Dispensary Permit – The Rush Is On

willits medical cannabis dispensary permit

The rush is on to apply for a Willits medical cannabis dispensary permit. The City of Willits has released a Solicitation of Applications for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Permits. The City’s Cannabis Ordinance limits the number of dispensary permits in Willits to three (3) – medical only at this point.   Similar to other jurisdictions, the City is opening the application period for a short amount of time. Applicants must prepare a highly detailed proposal that will be ranked among the others submitted in order to be considered to submit an application for the actual permit. The initial application period opens on April 16, 2019 and closes at 3:00pm on May 21, 2019.

Dispensary Permit Qualifications

How do you qualify for one of the three Willits medical dispensary permits? You must have a building or space with the proper zoning that meets the required setbacks, and you must submit all the required application materials.  The City has an established point-based selection system to rank and choose three applicants to move forward with the submission of a Permit Application. There are eight categories that are scored by the Committee:

  1. Operational Plan – detailed description of the day-to-day business and drawings of the planned facility layout (up to 15 points)
  2. Security Plan – detailed description and schematic of overall facility security (up to 15 points)
  3. Neighborhood Compatibility Plan – description of how the exterior and surrounding areas are managed to avoid becoming a nuisance or negatively impacting the neighborhood (up to 15 points)
  4. Business Plan – full budget and timeline for beginning operations, and a full financial plan for at least three years of operations. (up to 15 points)
  5. Experience and Knowledge of Operators – provide information of professional experience and qualifications of the operators (up to 10 points)
  6. Adequacy of Capitalization – demonstrate sufficient capital in place to pay startup costs and at least three months of operating costs (up to 10 points)
  7. Final Location – describe proposed location and all confronting and abutting uses in the area (up to 15 points)
  8. Enhanced Product Safety – describe how the dispensary will provide enhanced consumer safety (up to 5 points)

Cannabis Licensing Permit Application

The applicant will need a minimum of 40 points to be selected and the three highest scoring applicants will be selected to move on to the next step. The City will review the applications over the course of two months and will announce their selection of the eligible applicants by mid-July. The selected applicants will then have 45 days to submit their completed Dispensary Permit Application and subsequently pay the application fee which is currently set at $14,459.

If you would like to apply to open a Dispensary in Willits, the time to start is now. With only a little over eight weeks to complete the entire application, there is no time to lose. The applications are available on the City’s website here and the ordinance and further information can be located here.

If you are interested in pursuing one of the three available Willits medical cannabis dispensary permits and feel you may need assistance, please contact the Santa Rosa cannabis business law office of Canna Legal.