cannabis penalty relief

A Cannabis Penalty Relief Extension Proposal will be considered by Sonoma County. On September 12, 2017 the Sonoma County Cannabis Ad Hoc committee will consider extending the Cannabis Penalty Relief Program at the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Cannabis Penalty Relief Extension

The Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee is recommending an extension of The Penalty Relief Program for Sonoma County cannabis operators who had businesses in operation prior to July 5, 2017 to an extended new deadline of June 1, 2018. This gives Sonoma County cannabis growers more time to meet the standards under the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance. This extension will be determined at the September 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors Meeting coming up soon! Qualified cannabis growers must submit a 1 page cannabis penalty relief application by October 21, 2017 to be considered.

Click here to download the penalty relief application from the Sonoma County website.

Click here to download more information about the penalty relief program